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Darragh O'Dea

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Sit back and listen, on one of the nicest days the strange summer of 2020 had to offer. Darragh O'Dea takes us on a journey through the early days of forming a band, getting it going and getting the dream of a lifetime chance to go on tour with a band that were a massive influence on him.

Darragh is a proud and unwavering Tuam man. The stories and tales he tells in his music form the backdrop of a life lived in a town, where all the characters and inspiration for your art are walking past you on the streets.

We get to hear the stories of tour life with 3 of your best friends living in your back pocket. The "ifs and buts", how without that tour, he might not be playing music today.

Darragh recalls the road to now and brings us up to date on his current work where we get the low down on his upcoming debut solo album.

Darragh is not your typical frontman, shy and unassuming he is a character who comes across as someone who didn’t expect the opportunities and chances to land his way over the years. By listening and watching, we’re sure you’ll be taken in by Darragh’s humour/wit and get an understanding why he is held in such high regard by his peers.



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