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Dave Skelton

Season 2 is here and we're kicking it off with music producer - Dave Skelton.

Early 2020, working as a Software Developer,Dave made the decision to quit his job and pursue his passion as a producer. Then COVID hits. Rather than down tools and admit defeat he has adapted and overcome the issues facing him and his area of work.

From listening to Dave you just know that he loves doing what he does. Speaking of his childhood, never being too far away from a trad session and ultimately picking up a guitar and hitting the road to play in a cover band Dave has always had music in his life.

He talks of the frustration he has had sitting in an almost surgical like studio with producers and engineers trying to overthink and perfect a sound that he never felt gave an authentic portrayal of an artist and making a decision that he was going to do it himself, and in a way that he felt would make the process more “real”.

His ideas about the recording process and giving songs more character or as he says “the good badness” is refreshing to hear.

A genuine and down to earth guy who is starting to have some real success.

Sometimes you don’t need the big city and the inflated egos. You just need a passionate producer who loves what he does. You need a Dave.



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