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Eímhín Cradock

This weeks podcast was another one of the string of Zoom calls we have been forced to take on with restrictions. As anyone who has been on a Zoom call knows, it can be quite difficult to strike up a decent conversation and cut out the awkwardness. Well let me tell ya, theres not of that around Eimhin. Straight from the off Eimhin is in great form, filling us in on the background of how a young lad from Caherlistrane goes from having no real interest in picking up any instrument to then playing drums for one of Irelands most treasured groups "The Saw Doctors".

He has cut his teeth on the Galway circuit, hopped on board with the enigmatic Aindrias De Staic and The Latchikos, earned his stripes touring with Noelie McDonnell before being head hunted for the job with "The Docs". Eimhin says that sitting in Davy Cartons front room jamming out the songs with Davy and Leo "he would have gotten the job on enthusiasm alone!"

Eimhin dives in to the background of Drumadore, the drum school he set up to pass on his passion to a younger generation and keep the flame of music, art and expression lit in the locality.

From listening to the podcast, it's impossible not to feel the passion Eimhin has for what he does, he explains the great moments of a life on the road but also the tougher times. It's interesting to compare Leo Moran's thoughts of tour life to Eimhin's. Two men who sat on the same bus, playing the same gigs can ultimately gain two different experiences.

A fascinating conversation with a great character.



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