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Leo Moran

Last weeks podcast was a great treat to record. A local legend in a local pub, just no Guinness in the taps.

I don’t think I’ve ever met Leo on the street or seen him playing music at any local event where he isn’t smiling. You can just tell that he loves what he’s doing and even more, he loves the journeys it brings him on and the characters he meets along the way.

Leo is a wealth of knowledge and seems to have a memory akin to that of Jimmy Higgins! We even spent the best part of an hour after we finished recording the podcast standing around chatting about guitars, amps and pedals.

From the big gigs to the small gigs, from travelling America to gigs at home, Leo has done it all. Been there done that, but with that there’s no ego. A humble, genuine character who got the one in a million chance to play music for a living and travel the world doing it.



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