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Michael Barkey

Season 2 - Episode 4

Michael Barkley, hailing from Carrickfergus is a renowned trumpeter and owner of Barkley Microphones. Michael has honed his skills to produce top class hand built microphones that he’s happy to stand over his product with a lifetime guarantee.

Talking about his introduction to music, Michael recalls that his parents were never really that musical in his youth but after starting to teach guitar in his teenage years his mother picked up one of his guitars and begins to sing and play! “Quite strange figuring out that way” Michael remarks.

His trumpeting began at a very early age. A teacher brings a variety of instruments to school one day and asks anyone interested in playing to head down to where they were all set up. He picks up the trumpet and gets a sound of it. A real feat for a five year old kid.

Talking about his microphone, Michael’s approach is very special. He has gone over everything from the branding of the mic to the sound with an overall ethos. From listening to Michael explain the details of his hand built mics, this is some that he takes immense pride in and every detail is thought about at length and nothing left to “ya that’ll be fine”.

A special episode and definitely one for the gear nerds!



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