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Philip Magee

Season 2 - Episode 5

Having worked with some of the biggest names in Irish music you could be forgiven for thinking that an ego is almost guaranteed with Philip. But by god you couldn’t be any more wrong.

“What’s your first memory of music Philip?” “Getting wheeled out of the Rotunda listening to Johnny Logan.” he quips. We’re only a minute into the conversation and he’s already cracked Evan and Dylan with a remark fit for a Roddy Doyle book.

His approach to recording is something to be commended. Instead of diving in to the recording process, Philip likes to take it a bit slower. Tiptoeing through a single or an EP and getting to know the artists or band is a sure fire way to know if you’re in the room with the right person for what you’re trying to achieve. Pushing an artist to somewhere outside of their comfort zone can only be done by a producer they trust.

Pushing your trolley through SuperValu and have a track you produced come on the radio could only be a dream for some in the business, looking at the list of artists and bands he has worked with it, it's probably a daily occurrence for Philip.

From start to finish Philip is just brilliant. Funny, charming and very open about his craft. You can understand why this guys approach to recording has garnered him so much success and makes him one of the go to guys in the music business in Ireland.



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