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Robin Ball

The last podcast of Season 1, and finally one for the gear nerds!

This week we were lucky to sit down and chat with Robin Ball. Robin is a recording engineer, mixer, producer, videographer and digital marketer and a great name for a GAA comic book hero.

It doesn't take long to realise that Robin is one of the best around at what he does. You don't get asked to go on tour with U2 if you don't know your stuff!

Robin is consistently open and frank in the conversation, detailing where some of the top music courses around are going wrong and how they aren't particularly great for setting musicians up for what to expect within the business side of the industry.

Robin touches on the debate of 'Tape vs Digital' recording. Robin breaks it down perfectly, "a good musician will sound good on anything". So a lesson to all the budding musicians out there... practice!

The level of detail Robin goes in to is phenomenal, you can tell this guy just lives for his craft. Continuously trying to up-skill and better himself to get to the next level of what he can offer his clients.

For anyone with any interest in the production side of music or is thinking about getting in to the production side of things, this episode is full of great information straight from one of the country's best engineers.



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