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Sarah Lynch & Rory Doyle

Season 2 - Episode 2.

In this weeks episode we had the pleasure of welcoming Sarah Lynch and Rory Doyle to the Turf Shed. Names that you mightn't recognise straight away but when presented with the list of musicians and bands they have shared a stage with, you know you're talking to two of the most well respected musicians in the country.

From Rory reminiscing about playing at Slane in front of thousands of people supporting U2 and the following day playing in a covers band in a small pub in Naas to Sarah telling us how she landed a gig playing a private gig for Bono and Bill Gates in New York but still loving the smaller more intimate gigs, these two of literally "been there, done that".

An episode that keeps you entertained from start to finish as the pair tell the stories about the places they've been, the venues they've gigged and the people they've met along the way.

It's always great to see people doing what they love as their job but it's even sweeter to see the genuinely sound folk succeed doing it.

An ego can be something that creeps in to a personality with the bright lights and the sold out arenas. But there's none of that here. Genuinely sound people getting to do what they love and making people smile by doing it.



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