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Steve Wall

This weeks podcast is Steve Wall, musician and actor. An Irish legend.

The podcast is a special one, particularly for Evan, Dylan and I. This was the chance to throw questions at a man who has been a long time influence on us.

While being able to get a lot of our podcasts recorded earlier in the year, when sitting in the same room as someone was allowed, it was unfortunate that this episode was our first to be sentenced to the dreaded Zoom!

From reminiscing about the romance of getting a vinyl out of the sleeve and placing it on the record player, sitting there listening to every song and reading the sleeve notes, it becomes very apparent that Steve is an artists artist. He loves to share the back stories of his work, the ideas behind the songs, and the people who helped it become what it is.

Steve talks us through some of the classic songs that help make up the huge wealth of songs he has in his catalogue.

From the streets of Galway that shaped the band, to the back of a Hiace van crossing the Island with just an amplifier for a seat, working tirelessly to get the recognition they so massively deserved.

With the release of their song book, celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Paradise in the Picturehouse”, the Stunning have put together a treasure trove of hand written lyrics and photographs that any music lover would love to possess.




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