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The Whileaways

For this weeks podcast, in the beautiful surroundings of Ivy Cottage, we had the honour and privilege of talking to The Whileaways.

Noelie, Nicola and Noriana each having success in their own individual careers, joined forces and tested the water as a trio. Eight years and three successful albums later, they have well and truly conquered those waters.

Having gone from the live stage to a new challenge of playing live music during a lockdown, we hear how they dived in to the unknown world of live-streaming gigs.

With beautiful openness and honesty the guys talk us through the ideas and inspirations about some of our favourite tracks from each of their albums.

Thinking back on the recording of this episode, one word comes to mind “humble”. Sitting in the company of three individuals who have the ability to pen some of the most breathtaking lyrics and sing harmonies that make your hair stand on end, not one ego will you find.

We hope you enjoy the podcast as much as we did recording it.



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